Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

GEP offers a curriculum-based, non-riding equine program known as Equine Facilitated Learning or EFL.  Through the EFL program, people from the age of 10 and older can learn life skills that foster healthy person-to-person contact such as clear communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and changes in negative behaviors that could lead to unhealthy choices.

This EFL program is unique because it provides an alternative to the traditional educational setting.  The EFL program is located on a beautiful 73 acre campus, where there is a covered ring and an attached warm and inviting classroom.  The EFL curriculum utilizes teaching strategies designed for reaching children who might otherwise be shut down by normal classroom settings.  By teaching character skills in conjunction with horse related activities, the challenges of reaching these children are met.  Additionally, there is substantial research evidence that shows the benefits of human/animal contact.  The result is a reduction in displays of aggression, anxiety and other psychosocial diagnoses.   Direct contact with the horses promotes physiological changes as evidenced by lowered blood pressure, a decrease in heart rate and a reduction in stress hormones.  These  changes allow the individual to experience a sense of calm and, therefore, a clearer sense of self.  This experience heightens self-awareness and allows the individual time to self-regulate feelings of anxiety, anger or other impulsive behaviors.   The program and the environment are designed with these specific needs in mind, allowing for a safe place reflect, learn and grow.

This unique and fun program does not require prior horse knowledge, ability or equipment; nor does it necessitate the participant to ride.  An Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) experience is perfect for school groups, youth groups, transitions skills training, extended school year, corporate offices or families. The Gleneayre Equestrian Program staff can customize the experience to fit your needs and time requirements.

Please email us or contact Ellen Healey at 609-267-4104.

The Gleneayre Equestrian Program is pleased to announce that Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) has become a founding sponsor of the Gleneayre Equine Facilitated Learning Program.