Meet the Horses

To sponsor a horse, you can choose to use the “PayPal” donation link or mail checks payable to Gleneayre Equestrian Program P.O. Box 506 Lumberton, NJ 08048. Please be sure to designate which horse you’d like to sponsor. For details email us or contact Alison at 609-267-4045.

Nickname:  Toast
Born: 1995
Breed: Holsteiner
Likes:  His horse friends
Dislikes: Being alone

Toast is an equitation horse with numerous wins in major national competitions.  He is currently competing in the Children’s Hunter division with his rider and has had success in the dressage arena showing up to First Level.  Toast is the resident clown of the barn.  He has a goofy demeanor and is easily distracted while working.  Despite his silly antics, he is an invaluable teacher and an incredible competitor.

Nickname:  Valvert
Born:  1998
Breed:  Belgian Warmblood
Likes:  Naps
Dislikes:  Trot jumps

Valvert is truly a professional.  Fresh off an illustrious equitation career on the national circuit, this is an incredible horse!  Valvert is currently competing in the Pre-Children’s equitation and showing First Level dressage with his very lucky rider.  Valvert is a sleepy head, who loves to stretch out and take a nap several times a day.

Due North-
Nickname:  Duey
Born:  1998
Breed:  Canadian Sport Horse
Likes:  Carrots
Dislikes:  Wearing blankets

Duey spent years successfully competing as a junior hunter on the “A” circuit.  He is currently showing in the Children’s Hunter division and competing at Training Level in dressage.  Duey is a school master who expects only the very best from his riders.

Nickname:  Rems
Born: 1991
Breed:  Belgian Warmblood
Likes:  Everything
Dislikes:  Nervous riders

Remel is a former Amatuer Owner jumper.  He is one of the best teachers on the farm.  He is patient and kind with a heart of gold.  Remel enjoys hugs and snuggling with his riders. An all-around lesson horse, Remel is used in both jumping and dressage lessons.

Mr. Wonderful-
Nickname:  Happy
Born: 1996
Breed:  Oldenburg
Likes:  His glue on shoes
Dislikes:  Heavy hands

Happy is a hunter who has taught many GEP children how to jump.  Happy can be somewhat of a grump, but his riders all agree that he has taught them how to become better riders.


Nickname:  Lexi
Born: 1993
Breed: Belgian Warmblood
Likes:  His nose rubbed
Dislikes:  Trail rides in the woods

Big and bold, a beautiful mover, Lexus is one of the best teaching horses at Gleneayre.  A former show hunter, this horse has the ability to leave a lasting smile on any rider who is lucky enough sit upon him.  Lexus is known for teaching confidence to timid riders and technique to determined riders.

Midnight Rose-
Nickname:  Sarah
Born: 1990
Breed:  Arabian
Likes:  To give kisses
Dislikes:  Unbalanced riding

Sarah is a Gleneayre original.  She has a unique style of training future equestrians.  Sarah is practically capable of teaching a rider without having a trainer present.  Her facial expressions will say it all.  Sarah has been known to look back at her riders and give them “the look” if they do something wrong!  She is sweet and full of personality.  Many alumni of GEP will attest to the valuable lessons they have learned from this little horse.

Nickname:  Virg
Born:  1991
Breed:  Dutch Warmblood
Likes:  Halter tag
Dislikes:  Heavy hands

Virgil spent years as an elite jumper competing at prestigious shows throughout the country.  Virgil’s personal journey here at Gleneayre has been as triumphant.  He struggled initially to adapt to and accept the lesser experienced riders that were riding him.  Through years of patient work, Virgil is now one of Gleneayre’s best teachers.  He enjoys playing with his best friend Tigger every day and spending quality time with the GEP children.

Lucky Strike-
Nickname:  Glen
Born:  1996
Breed:  Dutch Warmblood
Likes:  Beet Treats
Dislikes:  Going fast

Glen is a former junior hunter who now has the honored job of introducing the younger riders of GEP to cantering and jumping.  Due to hoof health complications Glen was forced to retire from jumping higher heights.  His quiet demeanor and easy going attitude makes him the perfect first horse for a child.

On Second Thought-
Nickname:  Harley
Born:  1998
Breed:  Dutch Warmblood
Likes:  Food
Dislikes:  The dentist

Harley is a fancy show hunter who has an incredible personality.  He is currently competing in the Children’s Hunters with his rider.  He is a total ham in the barn and loves to play with the GEP children.


Nickname: Tuscan
Born: 2000
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Likes: To drink water from the hose
Dislikes: Bugs

Tuscan is a silly guy with a ton of personality! His is easy to ride and a beautiful mover. At one time Tuscan was an elite hunter but now spends his time in the dressage arena. Tuscan loves to be pampered and feels that he should be the center of everyone’s attention. He LOVES his mare friends here at the farm. Tuscan is a superb show horse but is also great for a relaxing pleasure ride.

Nickname: Daniel
Born: 1999
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Likes: To play outside
Dislikes: Getting his blanket put on

Daniel is a former Adult Amatuer horse who did the equitation and hunters for years on the “A” circuit. He is an incredible teacher giving his riders the confidence to excel over fences. He is patient and forgiving under saddle. He is well schooled in dressage as well making him an extremely versatile horse. He loves to play in the pasture with his pals Valvert, Remel and Pierre. Daniel is currently competing in the Children’s Medal as well in First Level Dressage.

Golou II-
Nickname: Pierre
Born: 1993
Breed: German Warmblood
Likes: To play with his water and feed buckets
Dislikes: Beginner riders

Pierre is truly a master at what he does. A former national medal final winner Golou II was one of the top equitation horses in the country. He is currently excelling in the Pre-Adult hunters with one of our older GEP members. While he is not a horse for beginners he is an incredible show horse and competitor for our advanced riders to enjoy. He enjoys playing with his horse friends in his pasture every day and often starts a rousing game of halter tag. Standing at just over 18 h tall he is by far the biggest horse at Gleneayre.

Nickname: Wonton
Born: 1990
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Likes: Hugs
Dislikes: His mane pulled

Concord is our resident love bug. He will demand a hug from you if you enter his stall. Concord is a former two time national champion in the Children’s Jumpers. He now is a steady teacher for riders of all levels. He is easy going and enjoys the attention he gets from the riders at Gleneayre. He is currently competing in dressage and the 2ft hunters.

Watch your Step-
Nickname:  Bud
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Born: 1995
Likes:  Vanilla Blackberry cookies
Dislikes:  His tummy touched

Bud is a funny pony who enjoys clowning around with the GEP children.  He can do all sorts of “tricks” with his mouth and can even bow on command.  He is an all-around good guy who does it all.  He had major success in the pony hunter ring during his younger years prior to his GEP life.  He teaches youngsters from lead line to advanced, does gaming, trail rides, and dressage.

Lucky Irish-
Nickname:   Lucky
Born:   2002
Breed:   Mustang
Likes:   Peppermints
Dislikes:  His dinner late

We are very “lucky” to have such a nice guy as part of our group.  Lucky is a teacher to the younger/ newer riders here at Gleneayre.  He is a pony of all trades.  He competes in hunters and dressage but is great with our EquiTots, too.  Lucky helps out with everything from pony parties to summer camp.  He is great on trail rides and easy to work with in the barn.  Lucky is a very special angel with a gentle spirit and a kind soul.

Ramblin’ Rose-Rosie headshot
Nickname:  Rosie
Born:   2007
Breed:   Paint
Likes:  To cuddle
Dislikes:   Her hind feet picked up

This sweetheart had a rough start.  She is a rescue horse that we adopted from Last Chance Ranch.  Our friends at LCR helped this little girl after she was found abandoned in Philadelphia tied to a chain link fence.  She is green and needs to learn many things.  She is easy to work around and very friendly.  She is a fast learner.  For the next few years she will be in training to eventually take over the jobs that some of her older pony friends are currently doing.  She has been started under saddle and can walk, trot, canter, and trot small cross rails.  We are excited to see her flourish here.

Nickname:  Archie
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Born: 1989
Likes:  His girlfriend Laurin
Dislikes:  New horses

Archie is an EFL horse used in the riding portions of the program.  He is a former equitation and GEP riding horse who retired into the EFL program last year.  Archie has taught countless GEP children how to ride and jump.  He is enjoying his new career as an EFL horse and is especially fond of new found pasture mates.

Nickname:  Thysty
Born:  1993
Breed:  Dutch Warmblood
Likes:  Peppermints
Dislikes:  His mane pulled

Amethyst is a retired Grand Prix jumper.  Not only is he an incredible jumping horse, he excels in the dressage arena.  Amethyst has competed with GEP riders in the equitation and hunter divisions as well as through First Level dressage.

Leonardo D-
Nickname:  Leo
Breed:  Holsteiner
Born:  1989
Likes:  To be groomed
Dislikes:  Mosquitos

Leo is a former grand prix jumper who had much success in the late nineties.  He excels at equitation and dressage.  Leo is a great trail horse and pleasure ride.

To sponsor a horse, you can choose to use the “PayPal” donation link or mail checks payable to Gleneayre Equestrian Program P.O. Box 506 Lumberton, NJ 08048. Please be sure to designate which horse you’d like to sponsor. For details email us or contact Alison at 609-267-4045.