Member Achievement

• Parents and teachers report increased organizational skills
• Tutoring program has fostered an improvement in grades
• 100% acceptance into higher institutions of learning
• Jersey Fresh’s NJ State Equestrian of the Year ’06,’13, ’14
• Burlington County 4-H Equestrian of the Year ’03, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14
• New Jersey Agricultural Fair Ambassador ’15
• 4-H State Championships in Dressage, Equitation & Hunters
• Competed and received numerous awards at 4-H State and
National Public Speaking Events

A fun-loving girl…
A poem by a GEP Member, written in 2008
I am a fun-loving girl who loves horses
I wonder if I’ll ever be able to jump the 7-foot high Puissance Wall
I hear horses eating their dinner of oats with great gusto
I see horse food all over the horses’ muzzles as they eat happily
I want to own a horse of my own someday and be able to ride whenever I want
I am a fun-loving girl who loves horses
I pretend to be riding in a jump competition at the Devon Horse Show
I feel the horses’ warm breath and velvety muzzle in the palm of my hand
I touch the horses’ soft coat and fuzzy ears as I groom him
I worry that I might make a mistake or not do well at my first show
I cry with happiness when I win my first blue ribbon at a show
I am a fun-loving girl who loves horses
I understand I have to try my very best and give it my best effort
I say every person should have a chance to ride a horse
I dream that I will jump in the Olympics someday
I try to make my jump position better and get my diagonals right
I hope I can become a better rider and that I can show soon
I am a fun-loving girl who loves horses

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