The following are testimonials received from family members of young adults whose lives have been positively impacted by the work to ride aspect of the Gleneayre Equestrian Program.

“Our daughter has always been teased at school, so much so that she would throw-up in the morning, fearing the ridicule she would face that day.  Through her involvement in the [Gleneayre Equestrian] Program, she has learned to overcome obstacles.  These include working long hard days in the sun and snow, riding horses that challenge her, and working with a group of diverse people.  She has made friends in the program and that, in conjunction with her facing challenges, has given her the confidence to be more outgoing in school.  Rude comments from her peers do not seem to bother her anymore.  She surprised us this year and said she would like to try out for the field hockey team.  We never would have imagined her having the guts to try something like that before”

“My cousin used to be the most apathetic person before she joined the [Gleneayre Equestrian] Program.  She had no desire to participate in any physical activity.  She would simply sit on the couch all day and watch television.  She was so weak, carrying her laundry was difficult.  She cried constantly and we worried that she was suffering from depression.  Since she has joined the program, however, she is constantly on the go.  She is always active, rides and works at the barn every day rather than sitting and watching T.V.  She even joined the fitness program this summer, working out with the personal trainer at the barn every day!  She has made friends in school because she is more outgoing and confident in herself.  She has an amazing group of friends within the program who are there to support her at all times.  Quite simply, she is not the same person she used to be.  Gone is the weak, sad, little girl.  She has been replaced by a strong, physically active, confident young lady.”

“My daughter’s organizational skills have immensely improved since she joined the program.  She used to miss the bus almost three times a week!  Now she sets her own alarm clock and is awake, ready before I am!  I asked what the big change was all about and she said ‘it’s because of the program, Mom.  You have to be organized there or you’ll never make it.’  It is so great to see her use a skill that she learned at the barn and apply it to her every day life.”

The following are testimonials from teachers, parents, and principals of students involved in the Equine Facilitated Learning program at the Gleneayre Equestrian Program.

“[He] came to the program with a lot of anger.  His outlook and disposition have changed dramatically.  The Gleneayre staff has greatly contributed to his transformation.” -teacher

“Her attitude towards teamwork has improved.  The Gleneayre Equestrian Program has taught her the values needed to succeed.” -teacher

“The continuous focus on social skills through multisensory instruction was very beneficial for him.  His social skills have greatly improved.” -teacher

“He generally has been more cooperative and helpful with our family.  He takes initiative more often to help complete a task, even when he has not been directly asked to.” -parent

“I was witness to human/equine interactions that I considered rather miraculous.  Individual students benefited in a myriad of different ways and as a group experience it bonded them together and made a big difference in their first years in middle school.” -Principal

“The program taught our students so many wonderful character traits and has had such a positive impact on their daily journey through school and life.  It was such an enriching and exciting program and we were so fortunate to be chosen to be a part of it.” -Superintendent