Work to Ride

Today, many children need a healthy outlet for their personal, family or academically related stresses. GEP has a created a safe place for children to develop and grow. Our Work to Ride program provides children who are experiencing challenges an opportunity to develop a relationship with horses. It is GEP’s directive to accurately portray and teach every aspect of horsemanship; therefore each GEP student is assigned a personal project horse. Students are responsible for everything from grooming and exercising the horses to cleaning their horses’ stalls and tack, practicing basic barn management skills, and administering limited veterinary care with supervision.

To hone organizational skills, each student is required to keep a project book to log every aspect of their horse’s care from daily activities, such as riding and grooming, to veterinary and farrier appointments. They are closely instructed, monitored and supervised through all phases of their horsemanship education. It is required that each student engage in these activities four days a week. Of these four days one should be a weekend day; the rest of the activities are completed after school.

GEP accepts children from the age of 10 until the completion of their 13th year of school. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in various activities such as 4-H, USEF and USDF sanctioned events, as well as clinics, workshops, horseshows, academic competitions and community service. All GEP applicants must demonstrate a love of and a keen desire to care for and ride horses. All tack and equipment can be provided by GEP; students are required to supply their own ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet.

Please email us or contact Alison at 609-267-4045 or 609-267-4104.