Donate a Horse

If your horse is ready for a less demanding show career, we will give him or her a loving home and a noble purpose.

We house a diverse group of donated horses and welcome to our program horses that are safe for child interaction. We provide a caring, happy home for horses who have lots of life left in them.

Our horses receive show-quality care, always. We comply with the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Care Guidelines for Rescue and Retirement Facilities.

Horses are accepted for a 30-day trial period to ensure they are the right fit for our programs.

Donate Equipment

If you have outgrown your equipment or no longer use it, consider donating!

All of the equipment we provide for our Working Student Program comes from generous donations from supporters like you. If you have gently used tack, equipment, or show clothing that you no longer use, we will give it a second life supporting new members of the equestrian community.

We generally use hunt seat and dressage equipment, and we accept donations as varied as saddles, bridles, bits, show coats and shirts, breeches, field and dress boots, horse blankets, shipping wraps, and more.

Monetary Donation

If you would like to help but do not know exactly how consider making a monetary donation.

We welcome donations to support all of our various programs as well as general donations. Donations are accepted whatever way is most convenient for you. If you would like, you can donate HERE.

Please email Bill Rube at or call (609) 267-4104 if you would like to make a donation.