“GEP has given our daughter confidence, patience, and determination. Her grades in school, her friendships, and her ability to advocate for herself are stronger since she began working with GEP. Working with the staff and horses has given her the skills she needs to set a goal for herself and chart a course to get there.” —GEP parent, 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone at GEP for your wonderful work and especially your work with my daughter.[…] Initially, she struggled significantly and questioned whether or not[…] she should continue in the program. The one thing that kept her in GEP was the horses. She simply loved them.[…] After all they have done for her, I can’t imagine how many girls have been impacted over the years by GEP. I hope you realize that you are not only giving girls an opportunity but[…] also changing their lives forever. Our family is eternally grateful.” —GEP parent, 2017

“The continuous focus on social skills through multisensory instruction was very beneficial for [my student]. His social skills have greatly improved.” —Teacher

“I was witness to human-equine interactions that I considered rather miraculous. Individual students benefitted in a myriad of different ways, and as a group experience, it bonded them together and made a big difference in their first years in middle school.” —Principal