A Tribute to Aging Horses

Purina recently released a moving video in tribute to aging horses, our program director Alison Johnson comments on how elder horses have impacted her life and benefitted our programs here at the Gleneayre Equestrian Program.

“With 22 horses in their 30’s and 20’s, I am honored to work with, care for and love a large group of incredibly wise elders who have shaped some of the very best moments for the youth in our communities. It is an often unrelenting task, making sure that their golden years are the best they can be, but at Gleneayre we believe we have been brought together for the betterment of each other’s lives. We owe them a lifetime of comfort and peace for the many years they gave in service to our farm. My life is far richer having spent time among the greatest in their final years.”

In addition to providing Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH) and a Working Student program, Gleneayre also provides a safe haven for the donated program horses to live with dignity, peace, and veterinary care, for the remainder of their lives. Donated horses are accepted into the Working Student Program, and when they can no longer be ridden, they become equine facilitators in our non-riding activities.

Thank you to our team for putting their heart in soul into this program, and for caring for our four-legged friends until the very end.