Veterans Equine Program

Mindfulness and Recreation with Horses

The Gleneayre Equestrian Program is proud to introduce our first pilot program designed to serve veterans and/or their families who might benefit from community engagement, hands-on experience with horses, and the benefits that they both can bring. Participants meet at Gleneayre Farm (573 Eayrestown Rd, Lumberton, NJ 08048) for one hour once a week for coffee, donuts, and guided, hands-on interactions with horses at no cost.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Meet once weekly with fellow veterans in the local community to share coffee, donuts, and conversation and build valuable relationships alongside your new equine companions.

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: Learn about equine safety and behaviors from one of our many experienced staff members and have the chance to feed, groom, and interact with horses under expert supervision.

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: As you care for your horse each week you will have the opportunity to develop an emotional connection with them. Human-animal contact is shown to improve our overall well-being.


For more information and to sign up contact Donna Capri at or call 609-267-4104.


Disclaimer: Participation in our programs can bring about various positive “therapeutic effects,” including enhanced well-being, stress reduction, relaxation, and relationship building. However, it’s important to note that our Weekly Horsemanship Programs do not provide formal therapy. We do not have Mental Health Professionals on our staff, and our facility is not a therapy clinic in any capacity. The programs aim to support participants in reintegrating into civilian and family life by fostering a strong horse-human bond and helping them overcome personal obstacles in the natural environment of a horse farm, with its earthy, natural, and straightforward learning opportunities.