2023 Honoring Sergeant Brian Miller of the Burlington County Sheriff’s Office

We are saddened to learn of the passing of our friend, Sergeant Brian Miller of the Burlington County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Miller worked closely with the youth in our community through our Equine Mentoring Program, and he has touched many hearts: youth, mentors, and horses alike. One of our fondest memories was how he insisted on making his fellow officers dance the chicken dance if their phones went off, disturbing class. Sergeant Miller treated the youth he mentored as equals, and, through his example, they found a renewed sense of respect for the police officers guiding them. Throughout our Cowboy Poetry Curriculum, Brian operated under the cowboy handle, “Shortpants McGee”, as he was always quick to make light of a situation and laugh at himself. Brain taught the young people he worked with that no problem and no burden was too heavy to bear as long as you had gratitude and integrity.
Sergeant Miller’s loss is certainly a heavy burden to hold at this time. We will honor his memory with gratitude and his legacy with continued service to youth in the community.

Sergeant Miller leaves behind two young sons. Please see below the ways in which we can help support them during this time. Thank you.

All proceeds collected will be given to the trust fund benefiting “Brian’s Boys”.