Lucky Strike Inducted into the EQUUS Horse Stars Hall of Fame 2020

Lucky Strike Glen

The Horse Stars Hall of Fame is a Joint Program of the EQUUS Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation celebrating the extraordinary talent of horses and the magical bond between horses and people, honoring the contributions of amazing horses, sharing the stories of their athletic and humanitarian feats and building a more informed and compassionate America that values the impact of horses in our lives.

We are happy and honored to announce that Gleneayre’s very own Lucky Strike has been selected to be one of the 2020 Horse Star Hall of Fame inductees!

“Glen is a pillar of the Gleneayre Equestrian Program, as he adapts to all kinds of clients and patiently does his job. He is small in stature, which makes him very approachable to all levels of students and clients. Glen has a steadfast temperament and is known to be alert and accommodating when presented with challenges. He has a very tender, nurturing side to him as well, offering comfort and providing support for clients in need.

Glen has touched the lives of hundreds of individuals. This incredible horse has helped young teens struggling with addiction learn how to find a new path to wellness, has given hope to grieving mothers, has walked alongside our country’s heroes, and has taught adjudicated youth how to find solutions that will lead them to success.”

To read more, you can view his full profile on the EQUUS Foundation’s website here.

Great job Glen, and thank you for all your amazing years of service to our programs, and for the impact you continue to make each and every day.