Ellen Healey


In their decades of experience in the equestrian world, Bob and Ellen Healey have seen many children, adults, and horses enter—and later leave—the community. The reasons are many: situations shift, interests change, challenges appear, horses age. Bob and Ellen believe so much in the transformative power of horsemanship that they wanted the sport to be open to anyone who wants to participate.

And so the Gleneayre Equestrian Program was born, with a mission to eliminate barriers to horsemanship; to empower children, families, and people to overcome challenges; and to care for aging horses who are no longer competitive, yet not quite ready to retire.

The Gleneayre Equestrian Program realizes Bob and Ellen’s personal vision to support people through caring for horses, and to support horses through care from people. Under Ellen’s leadership, the Program has been doing just that since 1998.

Ellen Healey